Many thanks to Dick Mills for investing his valuable time to share with us his passion for not only baseball but for teaching the art and science of pitching.

We all now that a pitching coach like Dick Mills doesn’t have time to waste on small talk so we made sure we asked him the important questions about pitching mechanics, arm strength  velocity, and who’s really getting the job done on the mound today.

I’d say 95% of the information at Art of Baseball deals with all things hitting and being a high impact player but if you happen to be both a pitcher as well as a position player I think this quick interview will help you in understanding what it will truly take to become a better pitcher.

I hope you find this interview of some value.

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    • Bomber Lou

      Excellent interview and definitely eye opening revelations. Not stretching for pitchers is definitely cutting edge. The video comparisons and free pitching videos will help people, like myself, that love to teach but do not know much about the “science” of pitching. EXCELLENT ARTICLE AND INTERVIEW. Bomber Lou, 52, Brandon Bombers

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