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How to Hit a Baseball like Bryce Harper


Who doesn’t want to have the AMAZING bat-speed and POP that Bryce Harper showcases on a day to day basis? He’s hands down one of the most exciting young players that have arrived in the MLB in a very long time.

In this video I’ll share with you a few simple to apply batting tips and adjustments that you can apply to your swing and approach to the plate that will have you driving the ball with more power!

Will you be able to hit the ball as hard and as far as Bryce Harper. Maybe not but you’ll never know unless you get of your BOOTY and hit the cages! GET TO WOOOORK!


So did you learn anything?

Do you have any questions about developing more momentum in your stride while attempting to generate maximum torque in your swing?

What about developing proper separation in your swing?

What kind of hitting drills have you applied to increase your bat speed and ability to drive the ball more consistently?

Tell me in the comment box below.

Who’s swing would you like to see in the next video?

Tell me in the comments box below which hitter you’d like for me to talk about next and why.

If I pick your choice you will earn a chance to win a free book ” The Way of Baseball”.



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20 thoughts on “How to Hit a Baseball like Bryce Harper

  1. […] People say he’s cocky, and he is. But so far he’s been able to back it up. Bryce Harper is the real deal. We’ve proven it in the swing break downs and approaches in his other videos. […]

  2. […] hope this addition to the how to hit a baseball series helps you in becoming an overall better ball […]

  3. […] Well he’s executing most of the check-points that I’ve discussed in the “how to hit a baseball like Bryce Harper” video as well as the “Miguel Cabrera Hitting Drill” video but Chris is doing a […]

  4. Prince Fielder ! she has the most power in the mlb.

  5. […] your still training your bat-speed to hit like Bryce Harper or master the art of hitting the baseball the other way  like Derek […]

  6. […] great complimentary video for this baseball video is the how to hit a baseball like Bryce Harper video where I share with you where his Bat-Speed and power comes […]

  7. no, what did he do.

    1. He pulled himself out of the game to keep his batting average so he could win the NL Batting title…………-_-

  8. Joe Mauer. To me Mauer has a great swing. 

    1. Great one Bart!!!!!!

  9. Hi Mark!
    Amazing swing by Harper. I would like to see Miguel Cabrera swing! I think this guy is unique. His approach to home and the way he makes it look so simple, he is a naturally borned batter!

    1. Yup! I think that’s the one I’m going to do next!

  10. I always thought that Ken Griffey Jr’s swing was sooooo smooth! But here’s a question, why do lefty’s swings look so much smoother than righty’s? For current right handed hitters, I like Mike Trouts swing.

    1. I don’t know Kelly. That’s a good question. Maybe it’s because of earth’s tilt;)

  11. Evan Longoria

    1. Yea he has a great right-handed swing!

  12. Ken griffey juinor

    1. Yup! I gotta do Griffey?

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