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Jackie Robinson 42 and why I love baseball movie cinema!

Every once in a while someone will create a piece of art that truly captures the spirit of what it means to be a baseball player.

There are only a few things that truly inspire me in life and combining the power of the narrative with anything baseball related kills two birds with one stone for me, so it goes without saying that I’m beyond excited to see the story of Jackie Robinson on screen.

Just from watching this trailer, I’m quickly reminded of how much an honor it was to put on a uniform and play the greatest game every invented!

Tell me in the comments box below what your opinion is of this movie trailer and share with me what has been your favorite baseball movie!

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Surviving the baseball recruiting process w/ Dave Franco


What does every aspiring baseball parent, player, and even coach want to accomplish during the baseball recruiting process?

Save time……money……play at the next level!


You don’t want to waste time seeking advice about scholarship options from people and resources that can’t help you.

You don’t wan’t to waste money on baseball showcases, and recruiting services that just wan’t to reach into your back pocket.

Most important of all………you wan’t to be able to do both while finding the best program that is conducive to preparing you to play at the next level!

Well saving time, money and preparing to play at the next level is precisely what Dave Franco of Next Level Ball Player has been helping countless baseball parents with. Consulting parents and players on what EXACTLY they need to do in order to position themselves as future valuable assets to a college baseball program.

If you’re beginning to start the college recruiting process for yourself or if you’re already in the process, there is no doubt in my mind that you’ll be able to sleep much easier tonight after hearing the advice of Dave Franco!

“The Col­lege Base­ball Recruit­ing Sur­vival was VERY help­ful. It pro­vided very prac­ti­cal, under­stand­able do’s and don’ts… It really pro­vided great insight into the coach’s per­spec­tive and their expectations.”
–Mike D, High School Baseball Dad


“I Just fin­ished read­ing the book, and all I can say is WOW.This is THE per­fect guide to get­ting recruited. Your book doesn’t beat around the bushes like other books. Your book gets straight to the point on what you need to know to have the best oppor­tu­nity to get in to an excel­lent col­lege with an excel­lent base­ball pro­gram. So I wanted to say thank you for the great infor­ma­tion you have given me that will help me get recruited.”


“What was the biggest take away from this interview!?”

Share your answer in the comment box below!

Random winner receives a FREE copy of my favorite baseball book!

The Way of Baseball by Shawn Green

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How to dream BIG in baseball like Pablo

This post was inspired by the previous interview with Tom Hanson on the mental aspect of baseball. One of the things that he said that really hit home for me and the Art of Baseball community as well, was when he said ,

the things you think about you attract into your life

I couldn’t put it any better myself! What we think about we not only attract into our lives but but the things we already have in our lives we enhance or expand.

That is why as baseball players it’s important that we moderate the quality of our thoughts and question our LIMITING beliefs about ourselves!

A perfect example of a baseball player that uses visualization, imagination, and passion to hit the baseball with more power, consistency, and well………fun is the popular San Francisco player Pablo Sandoval A.K.A Kung Fu Panda!

You can tell just by watching him on T.V that he plays baseball with passion and imagination and this shows in his approach to the game!

Wan’t to learn three QUICK ways you can start “dreaming big” as a baseball player and start using a mind set that allows your natural ability to shine through?

Well here they are!


Like I said in the previous interview with Tom Hanson, the brain doesn’t know the difference between what it sees in it’s mind’s eye and what it sees with your actually eyes. Picture something very intense or scary in your head and what happens? The same emotional or physical response occurs as if you really saw it or experienced it in real life.

That is why the “rehearsal of success” is so important. Picture it in your mind daily so that when it comes to actually needing to accomplish the task, you will have the memory of having done it already. This is where CONFIDENCE comes from!

Fake it till you make it

Sometimes it may seem that positive beliefs are hard to come by. No matter how hard you try, believing in yourself seems like an obstacle that’s more challenging than laying off that breaking pitch in the dirt. That is why regardless of how we feel, taking the time to make the intention to feel a certain way is necessary.  We have to get to the point where how we choose to feel and how we desire to feel are closely united.


Make a dream board

So now that we understand the first two ways of learning how to dream BIG as a baseball player, lets find a way where we can apply it with an actual tool.

Ever heard of a dream board? A simple cork board with pictures or words that represent the future that you would like to have?

We know that what we think about we bring into our lives right?

And we also know now that visualizing and choosing how to feel adds on to that experience.

So why not have a visual that helps incorporate all of these things. Why not remind ourselves daily of what our goals are as baseball players?!!!

Pablo does!!!!!! Did you notice what was on his dream board?!!


Here is what is on mine right now!

Can you guess what I’ve been dreaming about? 🙂












What’s on your dream board??!!

In the comments below tell me a few things that you would have on your Baseball Dream Board!



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Gary Vaynerchuck on the Power of Storytelling, Getting Recruited and His Favorite Baseball Players


I literally just checked off another box on my bucket list.

I had the GREAT opportunity to talk on the phone with media mogul Gary Vaynerchuck, famous for turning his father’s wine business into a 30 + million dollar business before he turned 21!

He’s also the best-selling author is of  “Crush it” and “The Thank-you Economy“.

If you’re a baseball parent, player or coach and you want to learn one of the most powerful way of getting your name out there and position yourself as a player who has the skills, character and story to play at the next level then please listen to this interview.

It’s absolute essential?

I respect people’s feedback. Being open to criticism at a young age is very import.

– Gary Vaynurchuck

What did you learn?

Let me know if this interview was helpful.

I love hearing your feedback so please make sure you leave a comment and say hi!