This post was inspired by the previous interview with Tom Hanson on the mental aspect of baseball. One of the things that he said that really hit home for me and the Art of Baseball community as well, was when he said ,

the things you think about you attract into your life

I couldn’t put it any better myself! What we think about we not only attract into our lives but but the things we already have in our lives we enhance or expand.

That is why as baseball players it’s important that we moderate the quality of our thoughts and question our LIMITING beliefs about ourselves!

A perfect example of a baseball player that uses visualization, imagination, and passion to hit the baseball with more power, consistency, and well………fun is the popular San Francisco player Pablo Sandoval A.K.A Kung Fu Panda!

You can tell just by watching him on T.V that he plays baseball with passion and imagination and this shows in his approach to the game!

Wan’t to learn three QUICK ways you can start “dreaming big” as a baseball player and start using a mind set that allows your natural ability to shine through?

Well here they are!


Like I said in the previous interview with Tom Hanson, the brain doesn’t know the difference between what it sees in it’s mind’s eye and what it sees with your actually eyes. Picture something very intense or scary in your head and what happens? The same emotional or physical response occurs as if you really saw it or experienced it in real life.

That is why the “rehearsal of success” is so important. Picture it in your mind daily so that when it comes to actually needing to accomplish the task, you will have the memory of having done it already. This is where CONFIDENCE comes from!

Fake it till you make it

Sometimes it may seem that positive beliefs are hard to come by. No matter how hard you try, believing in yourself seems like an obstacle that’s more challenging than laying off that breaking pitch in the dirt. That is why regardless of how we feel, taking the time to make the intention to feel a certain way is necessary.  We have to get to the point where how we choose to feel and how we desire to feel are closely united.


Make a dream board

So now that we understand the first two ways of learning how to dream BIG as a baseball player, lets find a way where we can apply it with an actual tool.

Ever heard of a dream board? A simple cork board with pictures or words that represent the future that you would like to have?

We know that what we think about we bring into our lives right?

And we also know now that visualizing and choosing how to feel adds on to that experience.

So why not have a visual that helps incorporate all of these things. Why not remind ourselves daily of what our goals are as baseball players?!!!

Pablo does!!!!!! Did you notice what was on his dream board?!!


Here is what is on mine right now!

Can you guess what I’ve been dreaming about? 🙂












What’s on your dream board??!!

In the comments below tell me a few things that you would have on your Baseball Dream Board!



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    • Anthony benedicto

      On my dream board I have is to get drafted in the top 10,make it to the MLB at 19 years old (I’m going to work hard and always believe on my self that I would become the best),be a 30+ HR player 100+ RBI player, .300+ avg player, gold gloved as a catcher, and be a hall of famed at the end of my career. And I working really hard to accomplish all this thing which I will I’m very confidenton my self that I will become one of greatest player to ever play the gm of baseball.

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