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Surviving the baseball recruiting process w/ Dave Franco


What does every aspiring baseball parent, player, and even coach want to accomplish during the baseball recruiting process?

Save time……money……play at the next level!


You don’t want to waste time seeking advice about scholarship options from people and resources that can’t help you.

You don’t wan’t to waste money on baseball showcases, and recruiting services that just wan’t to reach into your back pocket.

Most important of all………you wan’t to be able to do both while finding the best program that is conducive to preparing you to play at the next level!

Well saving time, money and preparing to play at the next level is precisely what Dave Franco of Next Level Ball Player has been helping countless baseball parents with. Consulting parents and players on what EXACTLY they need to do in order to position themselves as future valuable assets to a college baseball program.

If you’re beginning to start the college recruiting process for yourself or if you’re already in the process, there is no doubt in my mind that you’ll be able to sleep much easier tonight after hearing the advice of Dave Franco!

“The Col­lege Base­ball Recruit­ing Sur­vival was VERY help­ful. It pro­vided very prac­ti­cal, under­stand­able do’s and don’ts… It really pro­vided great insight into the coach’s per­spec­tive and their expectations.”
–Mike D, High School Baseball Dad


“I Just fin­ished read­ing the book, and all I can say is WOW.This is THE per­fect guide to get­ting recruited. Your book doesn’t beat around the bushes like other books. Your book gets straight to the point on what you need to know to have the best oppor­tu­nity to get in to an excel­lent col­lege with an excel­lent base­ball pro­gram. So I wanted to say thank you for the great infor­ma­tion you have given me that will help me get recruited.”


“What was the biggest take away from this interview!?”

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