Every once in a while someone will create a piece of art that truly captures the spirit of what it means to be a baseball player.

There are only a few things that truly inspire me in life and combining the power of the narrative with anything baseball related kills two birds with one stone for me, so it goes without saying that I’m beyond excited to see the story of Jackie Robinson on screen.

Just from watching this trailer, I’m quickly reminded of how much an honor it was to put on a uniform and play the greatest game every invented!

Tell me in the comments box below what your opinion is of this movie trailer and share with me what has been your favorite baseball movie!

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    • Wtimothy99

      The trailer that represents this movie will not only represent me, but represent growth and overcoming the odds of life itself. Balled up in a game we come to respect and love called baseball! A game where God has given us the talent and ability to overcome any given situation in our lives and on that field to make each and every one of us stand for something other than ourselves. To battle on the mound and not give in and show defeat to our opponent or anyone against our success, to give every pitch our best and not just throw a baseball, but to throw our hearts at the cather’s mitt, to protect our pitcher, team, and fans by stretching out and making the spectacular play look easy and making the routine play look easier! We define the odds in that one moment that matters the most. Whether it’s a walk off hit or an unbelievable play, that moment is our time to standup and fight because there is something out there that always want to bring us down. Jackie Robinson defined the odds by the way he lived and played. We are asked to do the same so that the young generation that watch us can have the guts and the heart to say…I’m gonna be better!

      My first favorite movie was “The Sandlot,” then it was “The Rookie,” but after watching the movie called the “Perfect Game,” about the little league team that was the first non-U.S. team to win the world series, I was amazed at the battle those kids faught. From the lack of resources to start a team, equipt a team with proper uniform and gear, and the lack of teaching, to then bring it all together and overcome the ultimate odds. That deserves a standing ovation! For they trusted in the one person who can bring anything dead to life, and we all know who that is 😉

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