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Mirror Neurons: The power of having positive baseball influences

  Why do I love working with young ballplayers? Because I get to have a positive influences on them… …and if there even a little receptive to the advice I share – and pay attention to my demonstrations, most players see results pretty quickly. It has nothing to do with my ability as a private…

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Baseball Grit & How to deal with sitting the bench.

  Hands down one of my most FAVORITE topics to talk about with hitters is the importance of having “baseball grit” or mental toughness. The reason why I’m soooo passionate about this topic because it’s hands down one of the MOST powerful and important things any hitter could ever develop as an athlete. “WHY” you…

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The easiest way to overcome batting slumps.

  It’s never fun…. Going 0-15. Or playing a string of games without getting a hit. Nothing seems to be working for you and to top it all off….all your other team-mates seem to be doing just fine…. Playing baseball can feel like a lonely sport at times. When you’re struggling…it feels like things will…

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How to overcome self-doubt at the plate!

  How to overcome self-doubt at the plate! It happens to EVERY ballplayer who takes the field attempting to give it their all. They walk up to the plate, dig into the batter’s box and try to put a good swing on a pitch that they can handle… …all while trying to control and overcome…

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