Hands down one of my most FAVORITE topics to talk about with hitters is the importance of having “baseball grit” or mental toughness.

The reason why I’m soooo passionate about this topic because it’s hands down one of the MOST powerful and important things any hitter could ever develop as an athlete.

“WHY” you might ask?

Because it separates hitters from the part of themselves that thinks things should happen in a certain way or the part that wants to avoid painful experiences.

Experiences that would eventually help them into become better overall ballplayers.

That’s precisely what I’;d like to discuss in this vidoe.

What I teach about Baseball Grit to the countless hitters I give private instructions to.


What are your thoughts?

Have you struggled with your mental toughness recently? How has your baseball grit been challenged this baseball season? Let me know in the comment section down below!

If you have any questions about bat-speed or hitting technique you can find more information here in the baseball hitting video section.

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