It’s never fun….

Going 0-15. Or playing a string of games without getting a hit.

Nothing seems to be working for you and to top it all off….all your other team-mates seem to be doing just fine….

Playing baseball can feel like a lonely sport at times. When you’re struggling…it feels like things will ever turn around.

But it does. If you stay diligent…it always does. On one hand – hitting is simply a game of numbers. If you’re willing to deal with the down-sides of playing this sport you’ll eventually experience the up-sides just as well.

What I’d like to do in this video is give you guys a clear picture of what should be going through a hitter’s mind when going hitless for a long period of time.

Allow this hitting advice be your water during your dry spell and you’ll be hitting rockets in no time.

REMEMBER: It’s not alway a mechanical adjustment that needs to be made…

…often times it’s a mental, emotional and for those that take hitting seriously…and spiritual one.

Good luck. I hope this video serves you well this week.

What are your thoughts?

When was the last time you were in a hitting slump? Are you in one now? What adjustments did you end up making in your overall hitting approach at the plate? Did it effect your bat-speed or types of hitting drills that you participated in during your pre-game routine?

Let me know below!

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