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Baseball Virtue #11: How to Be Brave

  Bravery – A quality of spirit that enables you to face danger of pain without showing fear. The biggest win we will ever achieve as ballplayers is the understanding that as athletes, we have a choice. A choice to swing or take. To jog or sprint. To throw or eat the baseball. The choice is…

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How to Bounce Back From An Error With Even More Confidence

  It’s the Division One conference championship game. The stakes are high and the pressure is on. Everything is going great and then BOOM! You make a key error and now your opponent has the momentum. Am I letting my team-mates down? What is my coaching thinking of me? What are the scouts in the stands thinking…

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Baseball Virtue # 10 – The Art of Zeal and Great Work Ethic

  Zeal – Ardor. A feeling of strong eagerness. Tireless devotion. Have you ever been so eager to get in the cages that hitting was all you could think about? Has the idea of becoming the type of ballplayer that you dream of becoming provided you with so much inspiration and passion that you just want…

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yasiel puig hitting swing power bat speed

How to Hit a Baseball Like Yasiel Puig By Trusting Your Own Abilities

  Wack, Smack, Boom, and Crash! How do you hit 4 home-runs in your first 5 games in the big leagues while making it look easy?!! Sure having talent is one thing you’ll need… …but so is having a plan. A plan to hit the ball hard and a mental approach to keep the plan…

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