Wack, Smack, Boom, and Crash!

How do you hit 4 home-runs in your first 5 games in the big leagues while making it look easy?!!

Sure having talent is one thing you’ll need…

…but so is having a plan.

A plan to hit the ball hard and a mental approach to keep the plan on track.

Yasiel Puig is one of the bigger surprises this year but he’s leaving us all to wonder how is he doing what he’s done so far with such¬†consistency.

What’s his secret?

Well I have 3 simple Yasiel Puig hitting tips for hitters who want to apply his approach and who is also having trouble with:

  • taking 3rd called strikes
  • getting in a groove
  • making hitting fun again

I hope you enjoy this video!

Good luck!

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