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How to Hit a Baseball Like Buster Posey With Your Dominate Eye

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably seen arguably the GREATEST hitting catcher put on a show in his San francisco Giants uniform for the past couple of years. Sure he got injured……and sure people thought he would struggle when he came back. But he didn’t miss a beat. So if…

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How to hit a baseball like Mike Trout by being selectively aggressive!

  Mike Trout had a HUUUUUGE year last year! .326 Batting Average + 30 Home-Runs in 559 At-Bats! Pretty amazing right? So how did he do it? How did he have such a successful rookie season? Did he discover some secret batting tips or hitting strategy that rocketed him into the stratosphere of some of the most impressive rookie seasons? We’ll…

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How to throw 90 MPH and why your core is weak w/ Paul Reddick

  So how do you achieve the holy grail of throwing a baseball? How do you throw 90 MPH without letting your arm fall off or worse…getting Tjayed!(Tommy John) I made up that term so you better not steal it…I know where you live…..-_- Okay okay so down to business. I hunted velocity guru Paul…

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How to hit a baseball like Derek Jeter

  What is Derek Jeter’s secret for becoming the hitter that he is today? He doesn’t have Bryce Harper bat-speed How does he make hitting with two strikes look so effortless at times? Really what it comes down to is being effective at staying inside the ball and really understanding the concept of hitting the…

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