So how do you achieve the holy grail of throwing a baseball?

How do you throw 90 MPH without letting your arm fall off or worse…getting Tjayed!(Tommy John)

I made up that term so you better not steal it…I know where you live…..-_-

Okay okay so down to business. I hunted velocity guru Paul Reddick so that he can drop some MAJOR baseball knowledge on where true strength comes from for increasing your velocity and why you should NEVER give up even though chances are you may not turn pro….

Trust me… won’t want to miss this interview if you’re a player who is serious about taking advantage of good advice to become a better all around athlete.

Hey parents. This is for you to! Paul offers some sobering advice on why your baseball parenting skills need to be sharpened up!

Now I know. Art of Baseball parents are already ready to be the best they can be. But I think we can all agree that we can always use some solid baseball tips and advice regardless of how much success we’ve already achieved.

You never stop getting better! You never stop learning.

I hope you enjoy the interview! This one is a gem!


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What have you been working on to become a better baseball player, parent or coach?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Good luck!

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    • KC Cunningham

      I thought it was a great interview. It was done well and gave me a lot to go on.

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