Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably seen arguably the GREATEST hitting catcher put on a show in his San francisco Giants uniform for the past couple of years.

Sure he got injured……and sure people thought he would struggle when he came back.

But he didn’t miss a beat. So if you’re anything like me, you love trying to figure out what makes a hitter so successful especially when their approach at the plate is so different than other successful hitters.

Well in this “How to Hit a Baseball Like Buster Posey With Your Dominate Eye” video I attempt to share with you my take on why Buster Posey is able to hit the ball with such consistency while playing the most physically demanding position on the field.

Here is a hint. It has more to do with the positioning of the upper half and less to do with the swing.


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    14 replies to "How to Hit a Baseball Like Buster Posey With Your Dominate Eye"

    • Coach Bill

      Working with an 11 yr old who has excellent timing and swing mechanics for his age. All line drives in BP & cage, but in live games he falters against faster pitchers due to a slight fear of getting hitch by the pitch, which throws his timing off and makes his feet dance sometimes. He’s been doing it for so long he doesn’t even know he’s doing it. He is outstanding in the field and seldom shows fear at all.
      Question: what do you think is the best/quickest way to eliminate his fear of pitches?

    • Poseyman

      I am having trouble hitting for power. I hit a lot of singles and want to hit more doubles. I am in the six foot range. Any tips?

    • BUSTER

      hi, i am 12 and i have only been playing for to years. im having trouble on the low and away pitch. i also don’t pick up the spin on curves, any tips? thanks

    • Guy Cory

      My problem is when I get up to bat I see a high inside pitch it is very hard for me to hit. Same with the middle inside pitch. Any tips???

    • Clarissa Rios

      im having trouble on my inside pitches, I know how to spot them and make sure i have quick hands, but I still have trouble with it. any tips?

      • Art of Baseball

        Hi Clarissa. The inside pitch can be tricky. The main thing is staying inside the ball and hitting the ball out in front of the plate. Doing T work will help w/ that. Thanks for posting!

    • […] funny thing is if you compare his swing to other powerful swings like Buster Posey, Albert Pujoles, Prince Fielder, Miguel Cabrera, or Bryce Harper you’ll find that […]

    • Brad

      I need help on timing. That is my main struggle as a hitter. I don’t know when my hands should start to go back. I always feel like im either too late or too early. I know this varies by the type of pitcher.Hopefully you can give me some helpful tips on timing.

      • Art of Baseball

        Thanks for the great question Brad. Here’s what I got. Separation and when you start it will depend on what’s comfortable. If you’re timing is off it’s probably because you’re not starting your swing early enough or because you’re not getting your foot down in time.

        The best way to work on this is by trying to time the pitchers you see on t.v and attempt to mimic the hitter’s timing and go from there.

        Brad. The key is repetition If you want to get better you have to put in the work which I’m sure you’re doing! Let me know if there is anything else I can for you!

    • Tanner Combs

      I’m a left handed batter that is having a hard time hitting the ball opposite field. I keep hitting the ball off the end of the bat on outside pitches

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