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How to let go and hit the ball with natural ability

It’s just the law of nature. The harder we try the less we succeed. The tighter we grip the bat the slower our bat speed. The harder we swing, the less bat control we have. The Art of Hitting will always be effected by the ebb and flow of what we do. With every action…

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What’s Your Mission? What’s your Baseball Dream? Will you join me?

  The question I get a lot is “why did you create Art of Baseball?” The answer is pretty simple and not as DRAMTIC as you may have thought…… The way baseball information, about correct technique, is shared and communicated has changed dramatically in the past few years. A lot of baseball parents, coaches, and…

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The perfect hitting practice tool

  I figured you have asked yourself this question before. “how can I make sure that I’m getting the most out of my hitting lessons, and equip the best approach to make sure my swing is sound and generates as much power as possible”. Ok…..maybe not quite in those words but I bet you are…

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How to have intense focus for each pitch and at-bat

Boom! You hit a blazing inside fastball with two strikes to bring in in the tieing run! Bam!! You hit that nasty curve ball that none of your teammates have been able to hit all game! You’re locked in…… the zone. You’re crushing pitches and you’re not even trying. How did you do it? I’ll…

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