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What’s Your Mission? What’s your Baseball Dream? Will you join me?


The question I get a lot is “why did you create Art of Baseball?” The answer is pretty simple and not as DRAMTIC as you may have thought……

The way baseball information, about correct technique, is shared and communicated has changed dramatically in the past few years. A lot of baseball parents, coaches, and players use the internet to get the baseball information they’re looking for. The problem is, there is a lot of information out there! Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Which information is going to help you get the results you’re looking for?! Tough questions I know!

This is how my mission was born!

My mission was to create a resource of information that I have adopted and more importantly tested so that I can help anyone who is looking to:

  • get an edge over their competition, teammates and attempt to stay ahead of the pack
  • make sure that they are getting the most out of their potential
  • truly understand what correct mechanics are in the most simple and easy to apply principles
  • finally become a true competitor who is looked at as a type of player that knows how to win and play with TRUE confidence

This is my mission and I look forward to sharing that mission with you whoever you are. Together we can be responsible for a generation of players who play the game the game the right way with the right mind set and for the right reasons.

Will you join my mission?

I want to hear your story!

Tell me what your baseball mission is and share with us your ultimate baseball goal in the comments below!

Sometimes all it takes is one thing you hear from someone that changes everything for the better for you.

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