This game is so emotional it’s crazy. As ballplayers, we need a high level of belief about our abilities.

This belief is the foundation for high performance on the field and in the batter’s box.

That is why I enjoy working with young ballplayers. I get to teach the youth about principles that make self-actualized individuals.

When I think of a player with a HIGH level of self-belief I think about Jose Altuve. He’s in many ways an anomaly.

Jose Altuve has had to overcome the limiting beliefs of people that have accessed his project-ability. His size –  I’m sure has been a challenge. It’s very rare to see players with his physical make-up, make it as far as he has.

I would consider him a pioneer and a legitimate role-model for smaller ballplayers.

The only way he’s been able to transcend these challenges is by stepping on the field with a belief that he belongs there. Period. He tells himself a positive story about who he is…

…that he is just as good as the players he’s competing against.

This is important and for most players, the master key in reaching and accessing hidden potential that can take their level of playing to a whole new level.

I had a conversation about this with a baseball parent recently. Here is what else I have to say about this very important topic.


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What did you think of this video?

How’s your level of entitlement or self-belief as a ballplayer? What are you going to do to refine this part of your game?

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