Regardless of what team you are on and what position you play, you will always have the opportunity to stand out among your teammates as well as opponents. You can stand out even if you’re not the most talented or gifted players as well. You can have a swing so ugly that it makes blind kids cry. You can throw funny or like a girl-no offense female subscribers, and still get the attention of scouts. It has always been and will always be about the little things. Here are some of the things I did to set the tone.

Hustle- Yes I know this may sound like a cliche, and to an extent, it has been a bit overplayed, and because of this we have created a player known as the “false-hustler”. You know…the guy who sprints towards a foul ball that is obviously out of play. Or who plays with a bit to much fake-emotion.

What I mean is running hard on and off the field, to the batting cages, or out of the club house. You don’t have to sprint, but at least show that you are there with a purpose. I can honestly say that from the time that I considered myself a good player, I had NEVER  walked on a blade of grass or grain of dirt unless I was walking towards or away from the batter’s box.

Learn to be an asset in your line-up– You may not have the best stroke, or most impressive power, but you can learn to do the little and arguably most important things offensively. You can learn to bunt, hit in important situations, and BY GOD….put the ball in play. If you can be the type of hitter that absolutely never strikes out, you are giving your team a chance to win.

Be the first to show up and the last to leave– Yes I’m patting myself on the back because I was very good at doing this. There were many of days that I spent extra time on the batting cages after a 3 hr game, and it showed. I was setting an example without even knowing it.

Be stoic– Be the type of player that conveys very little emotion. If you went 4-4 or struck out three times, you look, feel, and compete the same way. This is emotional mastery in action.

Show support– I know…this is another cliche but listen carefully. If you ever catch yourself sitting on the bench and not getting up after your teammate has just executed a sac-bunt, sac fly, or battled at the plate, quit…..

Seriously…if your the type of player that is to lazy to pick up a team-mate you have no business playing:)

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