It is my belief that there is an exceptional baseball player inside every one of us. I admit that finding and tapping in to your potential may be harder for you than for others but then the question is simply, “how bad do you want to be good”? Do you want to be better than everyone else, as good as you can possibly be? Or do you just want to work at this craft just enough to get by?

I encourage both young players and older to find what it is they truly want out of this game. Do you want to play baseball because it makes you feel distinguished? Do you play because you can’t think of and are too afraid to do anything else?

Or do you play because the idea of dedicating your life to an idea is empowering, something elemental and that can’t be destroyed like integrity, passion, dedication, love.

These things can help you in ways that you can’t even begin to imagine.
I’m willing to admit that it may be harder for young kids now to find consistent role models in the game of baseball. There has been a lot of controversy in the last decade or so for the more popular players. This is why I built this website. If you are reading this, I want you to be a hero, if you’re willing to take the role.

As a player how would you like to be remembered?

Tapping into our potential will come once a player can truly understand:

How much are you willing to dedicate and understand these concepts?

When I realized the connection that personal development has with talent development, I chose to make certain changes in my life. I began to pay attention to my behavior, how I spoke to people, the things I ate, and my sleeping patterns. Everything about myself that I thought could be improved I attempted to improve so that I could be a better player, and guess what started to happen. I got more playing time, started getting letters and calls from scouts. Baseball became more fulfilling.

What can you change about yourself to be a better ball player? How much are you willing to grow and challenge yourself to play better? The sky is truly the limit.

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