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The power of hard work

The power of working hard

Hard work hard work hard work. I could say it a million times and it still will not express how important I believe hard work is.

The biggest mistake you can make in baseball is, hands down, to assume that what you want will simply be given to you.

In baseball, if you’re fortunate enough to make a career out of it, you need to understand that you will be getting paid to play a GAME. The expectations for experiencing this honor will be very…….very…..high.

So what does working hard mean to you? Is it taking 100 ground balls a day? Or a hundred swings a day?

A lot can be said about the importance of repetition, but mainly its a required asset to becoming successful in this game.
Some have said that in order to perform at an elite level you can expect to put in around 10 to 15 thousand hours in to your chosen field. Can you say you have achieved or on the path to achieving this kind of dedication?

Why is hard work important?
Eventually you are going to have to be realistic. The chances of most players making it to the big leagues are very slim.
But the thing is MOST players aren’t willing to work hard enough to make it the next level let alone being distinguished at the level they are at.
Most players take the easy route with baseball and then are surprised to see the results they get.

So how do you take the hard route?
Do what is the most challenging and brings the most fear. Most players will be content with average goals and challenges so luckily you won’t have much competition in pursuing these challenges.

In college I had a teammate who was preparing to try out for a four-year division 1 program. This player was faster than your average player but was a right-handed hitter so while hitting, he couldn’t use his speed to his advantage as much as if he was a left handed hitter. He very much wanted to play at the college he was trying out for but they were looking for a player with speed from the left side of the plate. So about six months before his final season he made a difficult decision. He decided to become a switch hitter. He knew that he was going to have to practice twice as hard just to get the needed repetitions. As well he taking a big risk because he was going to hit left-handed during the season thus putting his starting position in jeopardy. Eventually he got the hang of switch hitting and went on to sign a scholarship with the team he tried out for.

This is an example of taking the hard route in baseball. Though you may be taking risks and leaving your comfort zone the rewards are worth it once you understand the meaning of hard work.

What kind if risks are you taking?
If you want to see results on the playing field, you have to be willing to take risks. Technically you take risks every day. You risked injuring yourself in a car wreck on the way to school or practice, and you risked possible food poisoning while eating. But you do it because you know that the rewards are what sustain you so you continue. Plus starving to death just isn’t an option.
Work hard or work smart?
Not only is it important to work hard but you have to work smart
I have a friend who has played the guitar for years but during a particular phase in his development he was told by his instructor that he was not allowed to practice without supervision of his teacher. He didn’t want his student practicing bad habits so he has them under surveillance so to speak. For the student, though he may have the desire to work hard, working the correct way requires a whole new set of skills, an important one being self-awareness.
What you need to do
The power of hard work can be seen in all walks of life and just as well so can the results. Be aware of what a successful career in baseball requires and see what you can do to meet these requirements. It is true that the chances of a big league career is slim, you can widen that gap by applying the right elements that you find here. So good luck and work hard!!!