If I could take a pill and wake-up to having one major leaguer’s hitting ability…it would be Miguel Cabrera’s.

A couple of years ago, he won the Triple Crown.

Hadn’t been done in over 50 years prior.

Simply put. He’s amazing. What’s interesting about his approach to hitting though is that everything is simple.

When he hits the ball, he demonstrates slow feet, quick hands with minimal head movement.

Text book…yet unique to his own physical make-up.

He’s a BIG boy. So he swings to get an extra base hit. Not to simply put the ball in play. He knows his role. He knows what he gets paid for. And he shows up for work doing just that.

What are some things about Miguel Cabrera’s swing that you enjoy watching the most?

What was ONE take away that you received from this “swing analysis break down”?

Let me know in the comment section at this post.

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What do you think of Miguel Cabrera’s Swing?

What was one take away that you received from watching this hitting video? What are some hitting drills that you do to increase your level of bat-speed and ability to make solid consistent contact?

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