I have met plenty of parents that are raising a child athlete.

What they all have in common is this inate desire for their child to be truly successful. Their only hope is that one day they will be able to live their dreams through their child, and in my opinion this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The key is trying to establish core values that will be a foundation for the childs future and if fate should see it fit, your child will have the internal tools to accomplish anything that is asked of a special person.

I have written in other articles about the importance of hard work and the benifits of learning this virtue at an early Age.

For parents, when raising a child who is constantly influenced by external factors, creating a foundation for them that will serve as an effective recipe for growth and success will be a very challenging as well as frustrating thing.

Teach him focus

A lot will be asked of a parent so that their child will succeed. For me- when I was young, despite the strong interest I had inbaseball, distractions were still present. Video games,friends, the lack of understanding of priorities were a foriegn concept to grasp at the time ,but the trick is to capture their attention.

You have to show them that working hard is not a chore but a way of life, and can be just as fun as it is challenging. In regards to baseball, working hard is very similiar to playing hard.

Which is always fun!

What’s most important is that while guiding your child in the right direction, you are simultaniously, preparing them to be a responsible adult who understands the balance of having fun while taking on resposibility.

Playing baseball is in many ways a privilege and for most kids, a shortlived career. So if as a parent you are able to instill into your child that taking this game for granted is not only unbecoming of a true player but will rob him of the opportunity to pursue his passion, whatever it may be.

Teach him to dream

Instilling a sence of wonder into a child is just as important. Promote your kid’s innocence. His ability to use his imgination will only provide him with what he needs to get through the tougher more mudane experiences in baseball.

You would be surprised at how ressiliant kids are. If a kid feels like he is able to one day be a sports hero, something admirable, he can withstand anything.

When I was a kid growing up, I would imagine playing in the MLB at turner field with the braves. Not a day whent by when just the thought of playing baseball would make my hands sweaty before bed. Children need this kind of stimulation. It’s the kind of fuel that made this a kids game in the first place.

If a child is fortunate enough to have developed a dream, it’s important to have someone guide that dream. To nurture it with love and care.

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