” Mark you gotta help me. My son doesn’t listen to me when I try to give him hitting advice. What should I do?”

That is a question that I get a lot. Probably the most prevalent just behind, “ what size bat is best for my son?” and “should he be playing baseball year around?”.

With that being said, here’s my OFFICIAL response to how I think parents and coaches should approach establishing themselves as a reliable source for advice.

Here’s a hint: It starts with building trust, rapport and a humble level of authority.

Who would of thought?!

Baseball is fun. It becomes even more fun however when a family is supporting the ballplayer’s development through and through.

Hope this helps!

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What have been your experiences?

Have you had trouble communicating with your ballplayer? What has been some of the biggest obstacles with your child/player’s development? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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