Bad baseball team-mates. We’ve all experienced their presence at one point or another. They’re the ones who fail to realize why they put on a uniform everyday. They swing with a lack of purpose, and throw with even less conviction!

So what do you do when you are in the presence of team-mates like this who want you to respond similiarly and validate their overall lack of responsibility?

How do you make sure your development as a baseball player who doesn’t get watered down by these “baseball soul suckers“.

In this video, I’ll illustrate the correct mind-set you’ll need to respond effectively to bad baseball team-mates and best case scenario, expose there hindering ways and become the type of player who leads a team.

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    • Therodfam92

      This is a topic that is good to talk about.I have a 11 yr old that’s playing in a travel ball team and he is experiencing some kids on the team that laugh at him because he is little and can’t run as fast as these other kids,but the difference between him and them is he has heart and no matter what he eats breathe and sleeps baseball.I tell him to go play and do your best and ignore these baseball bullies.I help coach his team and I see how they get to him,but every game he goes out there and makes me proud.I also played a little pro ball myself with the Aguilas of Mexicali a pro team in Mexicali and as a grown up I also experienced this bullying,but you ignore it and play the sport that you love.Hopefully he will learn to be a better ball player and I see how he helps other kids that are being bullied to.Thanks for bringingnup this very important topic.

      • Mark Brooks

        Thanks a lot! Yea, baseball peers can be challenging when things become about “who’s cool and who’s not”.

        I think it’s great that you’re so close with your son and he’s able to play with pride because he has a father who truly cares. Keep up the great work and let me know if there is ever anything I can do for you two.


    • Juan Montana

      Your time in baseball is limited. Work hard on and off the field. Just member you have time to make friends and have fun when you are done playing but while you are playing make yourself the greatest that you can possibly be. Think of it this way lets say you don’t make it to the bigs nick. would you rather tell your kids that you did everything you could possibly do to get better and that it just was not Gods choice for you or would regret not working hard and hanging with friends and think about it for the rest of your life. the time you spend preparing yourself for the game is not nearly as long as the time that you will think regretting it. you will have time to hang with friends and party and all that stuff later on in the future. keep your head in the game and do what you have to do. don’t care about what others think because all people want is to see you fail. do it for the glory of the lord and for your family and you will succeed.

      Juan Montana

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