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Developing your baseball instincts

Baseball asks for you to do a lot in order to be successful. You have to know the right mechanics, remember bunt plays, know the tendencies of your opponentĀ  and make sure you have the correct fielding mechanics to compete every day. This can be a lot to handle and for some people overwhelming.

I remember myself trying to make sure while hitting that I stayed back, my foot was getting down , my hands were getting extended, all while trying to remember the coaches signs, and what the situation called for. I was like a madman trying to do a million things at once. Really all of these things should have been instinct. They would have been had I been able to let go and just react.

When you are trying to “try” to play baseball, when you are forcing things instead of letting it happen, you will find yourself second guessing yourself and worse, the game speeds up.

One of the first aspects of turning baseball into an art form is listening to your inner voice that knows exactly what to do in any situation.

Some call it an inner voice orĀ  instincts, but learn to let this guide you, and see what miraculous changes occur on the field.

You will find yourself always in the right position defensively, hitting will be simplified now that your instincts have taken over and you’re now on auto-pilot.

Becoming a great player is part of a process, and you have to be willing to pay the price to achieve new heights in baseball.

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