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Baseball Hitting: Talent v.s Work Ethic


Every hitter has felt like giving up………

and regardless of how talented they are they have also felt like they may not be good enough.

They may be thinking, “sure I may be doing decent at the level I’m playing at now but what about when I get to the next level?

Will hitting 93 mph be to difficult?

Will the competition be to high?

How important it talent?

All are valid questions… is my answer!

Forget talent (it’s waaaay overrated)

I’ve seen it too many times to believe that talent is as important as it seems. I’ve seen a handful of players with incredible bat speed, size and strength who had very little work ethic.

Do yourself a favor, if you’re a hitter who has been second guessing your own skills……….. STOP!

There are a hand full of players right now in the big leagues that are there after being underestimated and out shined by seemingly more talented players. Don’t get me wrong, they have skill but their success is deriving from something else that has noting to do with natural born abilities.

Regardless of what you do, talent will only be able to take you so far.

Your ability to take daily action, dedicate yourself to becoming the type of ball player that you dream of becoming, and to continue on until the job is done will be what counts!

Don’t sell yourself short

There is no reason why you can’t become a better hitter!

There is no reason why you can’t refine your swing, increase your hand-eye coordination, and overall bat-speed but you will have to be willing to change the way you view yourself.

A lot of players sell themselves short by assuming that becuase of their past experiences or present situation, there is nothing they can do.

Ex: They have never been a power hitter so they will probably never be one.

Ex: They never had great bat speed so chances are they never will.


If you wan’t to become a better hitter, go out and practice!

Everyday…….until you can’t swing anymore.

You have to wan’t to become a better hitter so much that you NEED it like you need air to breath!

The desire has to ignite a flame in your heart!

Thats the way to increase your talent as a hitter!!!!

Share your thoughts

What have you been doing lately to become a better ball player or hitter?

Do you feel like you’re not good enough? What are you going to do to change that?

2 thoughts on “Baseball Hitting: Talent v.s Work Ethic

  1. well i been working really hard on my hitting to get better at im a power hitters soo i wanted to decrease my strikeouts and im working on how to use the whole field by hitting everyday and just working hard thats my mindset to never give up and to always work hard because hard work always beats talent.

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