I was watching an interview the other day with Ichiro Suzuki. This interveiw was recorded in the height of his career in Japan before he came to the states. The interviewer asked him what he thought of all the positive recognition he was receiving from all of his sucess. Surprisingly he said, “Nothing, I do my best to ignore them”.

I’m, sure a lot of you baseball players can relate to this. How may of you base your confidence and ability on the opinions of others? Do you think you become a better baseball player when people think you’re good, or when others have acknowledged it?
Let me tell you this….. you’re better off taking those compliments with a grain of salt, because ultimately they mean nothing.
You will never become the baseball player that you aspire to become if you base your self-worth off of the opinions of others.
If you you have a sweet swing…..know it.
If you you have good arm strength…….believe it.
You don’t need the recognition of others to be a great player.
If you believe you are, then you are.

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