One of the things that I LOVE about working privately with ballplayers of all ages is teaching the player who has a lot to improve on. The late bloomer.


Because often times all it takes is a few tweaks here and there to see some pretty dramatic improvement in a short amount of time. It’s pretty exciting. Communicating basic hitting principles is fun when you’re the type of guy who has taken the time to simplify the process for the young hitter to embrace.

On the other hand – a new challenge becomes VERY apparent in the player once this is done.

It comes in the form of his own personal self image and his relationship to practice and development.

One of the stories that I enjoy telling these players is the Shawn Green story about how he overcame dealing with a BAD baseball coach and sitting the bench.

I really hope you enjoy what I have to say about this topic because it is something that I am REAAAALY passionate about.


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Shawn_Green_coverI’m giving away another free copy of “The Way of Baseball” book to someone who leaves a comment while sharing what their biggest “self-doubt” experience” is and what they’re doing to overcome it.

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Do you have and bad habits in your swing that you’re trying to solve? What are some hitting drills and techniques that you’ve been working on?

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    8 replies to "Are you a later bloomer?"

    • Carter Myers-Brown

      Thank you for these great videos, I personally have just started reading about mindfulness and the space between stimulus and response. A great book about it is called The Mindful Athlete by George Mumford it’s an excellent book. I can’t put into words how much it has helped me especially because I have a rotator cuff injury right now. But I’m a freshmen in high school and playing varsity, staying positive in the the present. Thanks

    • Sam

      Do Andrew mccutchen

    • Scott

      Thank you so much for posting this. My son is currently a high school freshman and is going through this exact same situation right now and is very frustrated. I sent this video to him and I try to stress this same attitude with him. Focus on how you can respond and change to make him a better ballplayer.

      • Art of Baseball

        That’s great to hear Scott! I’m glad that this video had a positive effect!

        Let me know if there’s anything you guys need.

        • Scott

          So much so, that my son went 4 for 7 in his final two games and hit a homerun. I hope the coach won’t overlook him next season!

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    • Eddie

      I really liked what you talked about regarding playing with instinct. I had a coach in high school that played with the independent team white wings and he always used to tell me to play in the present. Not to think about my past at bats, just learn from the mistakes, make an adjustment, and let the thought go. Not to think about the future because it will distract you from the present. I personally am a really great hitter in practice, but I haven’t found how to take that mentality and same swing to the game. My timing is what is really off in the games. I think Shawn greens book can help me, maybe I will be lucky and win it. Thank you for the videos,

      Eddie Grimaldo.

      • Art of Baseball

        Love it Eddie! Keep me posted on your progress. I know playing with an under-minding coach can be tough…hang in there. It’s these kinds of experiences that will refine you as a ballplayer.


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