Want to be a great hitter?

One that is infamous for hitting for power, average,in key situations, and is constantly locked in with a high slugging %?

Take a hitting approach that focuses on gap to gap. A good pitcher will have atleast two really good pitches that he can consistently throw for strikes.

Your job as a hitter is to know what he has, and be ready for it when it comes.

The problem is, making the adjustment from a good fast-ball to a good off- speed during the same pitch is extremely difficult.

Thinking gap to gap will ease things up a bit. If your hitting approach is to hit line to line, you are leaving alot of room for error.

If you have the timing of pulling a fastball to the short stops “6” hole (throwing arm side) you will be vulnerable to any off speed or breaking ball pitches. If you have started late enough to hit a fastball to the second basemen’s glove hand than you will be vulnerable on pitches on the inner half.

A hitter that can truly hit to all fields and do it with power is one that is thinking gap to gap. Not trying to be to “fine” with how and where he hits it.

Think gap to gap and never worry about getting jammed because you’re trying to guide the ball to the opposite side or rolling over because you’re trying to hit the ball out in front.

This is how you get locked in as a hitter and build enough confidence to have a great season offensively.


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