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6 Traits of Successful Baseball Parents

How is it that baseball can teach us so many things? Who would of thought that the underlying philosophies can be applied to all facets of life? Now, I can’t help but be simply fascinated by the incredible experiences that people can share when they embrace the relationships, life lessons, obstacles, and other personal discoveries that baseball provides.

The “Art of Baseball Parenting”, is no different. Like baseball players, they are faced with their own challenges which is why the ability for baseball parents to face them effectively is a topic worth talking about. Let’s start with “6 Traits of successful baseball parents”.

The traits were gathered from emails of parents sharing their own philosophies! Don’t forget to comment below and tell us yours!

1. Measure against your own standards, not others– The expectations that you have set for your player/child should be specific to them and them only. Your player doesn’t need to be the best on the team. Only the best that he can be given his present level of capabilities. With this kind of approach, the best that he can be will continue to grow.

2.Know who you are- What is your purpose in life? Is it something worth dying for? Even living for? It’s important to live a purpose driven life. It’s the best way for young baseball players to see what it means to establish responsibility, accountability and leadership so that they can apply these principles as athletes.

3.Learn from those around you- Do you think the responsibility of your baseball player’s development lies solely within the hands of their coach or instructor? Absolutely not! You spend just as much time with your child on a daily basis if not more than their coach. Why not contribute? The right information is out there for you to utilize so that you can eventually provide baseball advice that helps!(especially at this site:)

Trust me. No one will care more about your child’s baseball development than you. Period.

4.  Focus on the process, not the outcome- Baseball is a game of failure. The sooner you are able to teach your player to learn to deal with failure as a “feed back mechanism” and as a way to make adjustment to find success in the future, the better off they will be. Be process oriented! How do you do this? Adopt this mind-set as your own in everything that you do. The positive influence will happen naturally.

5. Give your player freedom- There is no excuse for a player to ever feel pressure from their parents to succeed. The image that a parent should covey to their player should always be unconditional support. That’s it! Baseball is hard enough. Always strive to be a source of support, aspiration, and credible advice. These deeds will come back to you in ways that you can’t possibly imagine.

6. Be goal oriented- Have your own goals and aspriations. The more motivated you are about life and the opportunities that are prevalent wether you see them or not can teach players to view life in a similar fashion. Often times, we forget just how much of an influence we have on those around us. Let us not forget of our own innate leadership skills!

The more we can inspire, the better the results. Baseball players are contantly learning both on and off the field.

Lets make sure we teach them skills that will make them shine on the field!

2 thoughts on “6 Traits of Successful Baseball Parents

  1. I agree. I have always aspire to be as supportive as possible!

    Mark, how often do you write articles like these?

  2. My philosophy has been to always be a supportive parent first and a teacher second!

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