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The Power of Baseball Commitment – Baseball Virtue #7

Commitment – The firm carrying out of purpose.

What does commitment mean to you? How bad do you want to be a good baseball player?

Wait………scratch that… bad do you want to be a GREAT baseball player?

In the Dominican Republic, there are players that eat, sleep, talk baseball and dream of one day earning a ticket out of poverty. Do you want to be a great baseball player more than them?

In Japan, baseball is a religion……no joke…..

Do you want bat speed, arm strength, increased baseball running speed(60 yard dash), more than the players from the land of the rising son?


Playing baseball is just way to competitive at almost every level now so you have to be willing to invest the time and energy into becoming a better hitter and or overall baseball player/athlete. You have to be willing to practice when you dont fell like it. To be willing to work on your weaknesses while ignoring what others are saying you “need” to do to become a better player.

Nope! You don’t listen to “naysayers”. You’re willing to take what you’ve learned and apply it! You know exactly what you need to do to become a better ballplayer. You know your weakness and have mastered your strengths because you’re committed. You’ve spent hours upon hours on different hitting drills that work specifically for you, you know how to overcome a bad baseball coach, and you can deal with any kind of setback that baseball has to offer…..


Because you’re committed! Right?

Tell me what you’re doing now as a committed baseball player in the comment box below!


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Baseball Virtue # 6- Piety

Piety-Humble devotion to a high ideal.

It’s not about you. You may think that when you compete and play baseball….how you perform matters. It doesn’t. What matters are two things.

1. The impact you have had on your team-mates.

2. The lessons you have learned during an at-bat, game, and season.

These are the intangible qualities that make you a winner.

This devotion to the process is a devotion to a higher cause.

The question is…….

How devoted are you?

Tell us in the comments below!



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Baseball Virtue # 5- Gratitude

Gratitude- The Act of Being thankful.

Never forget how fortunate you are to be able to put on a uniform. The physical ability to play this game should be coveted. Show your appreciation by playing the game the right way.

Truly love this game…….and baseball will love you back.

The questions is….

How grateful are you as a baseball player?

Tell us in the comments below!

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Art of Baseball w/ Robert Greene on Mastery

Hands down the COOLEST thing I have ever posted here at Art of Baseball! Robert Greene has been a hero of mine for some time.

I started reading Roberts’ books while in college, starting with the 5oth Law and following it up with the 48 Laws of Power. Throughout that time I’ve grown to perceive his books as the “go to” resource for inspiration, motivation, and practical advice in today’s competitive  yet sometimes predictive society!

If you’re series about finding out what steps you need to take to MASTER your game of baseball by understanding the power of mentorship, training, practical experience through the power of story telling, LISTEN to this interview then grab your copy of MASTERY.

In this interview you will learn:

  • How to circumvent the many obstacles that fear and failure provide for baseball players
  • How to develop intuition and make better decisions.
  • The inspiration for Roberts’ new book Mastery



Robert Greene(Author)) website)

Mastery (Book)


You know the deal! Tell me your biggest take away from the interview in the comment box below and win a FREE copy of his new book MASTERY!