Commitment – The firm carrying out of purpose.

What does commitment mean to you? How bad do you want to be a good baseball player?

Wait………scratch that… bad do you want to be a GREAT baseball player?

In the Dominican Republic, there are players that eat, sleep, talk baseball and dream of one day earning a ticket out of poverty. Do you want to be a great baseball player more than them?

In Japan, baseball is a religion……no joke…..

Do you want bat speed, arm strength, increased baseball running speed(60 yard dash), more than the players from the land of the rising son?


Playing baseball is just way to competitive at almost every level now so you have to be willing to invest the time and energy into becoming a better hitter and or overall baseball player/athlete. You have to be willing to practice when you dont fell like it. To be willing to work on your weaknesses while ignoring what others are saying you “need” to do to become a better player.

Nope! You don’t listen to “naysayers”. You’re willing to take what you’ve learned and apply it! You know exactly what you need to do to become a better ballplayer. You know your weakness and have mastered your strengths because you’re committed. You’ve spent hours upon hours on different hitting drills that work specifically for you, you know how to overcome a bad baseball coach, and you can deal with any kind of setback that baseball has to offer…..


Because you’re committed! Right?

Tell me what you’re doing now as a committed baseball player in the comment box below!


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    • Blake Benedetto

      I am a coach not a player, but as a coach, I can certainly express how important commitment is to the game. It has a direct correlation with a player’s success, no doubt! Afterall, baseball is a game of failure. The “non-committed” player will quit when he does not succeed right away. Like anything in life, it takes hard work and dedication to reach the highest goals. To be an above average baseball player commitment must be a very important attribute you posses. And it goes beyond baseball, that’s in life as well. Like they always say, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going!”

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