These are some easy & quick hitting tips that will help your batting ave in no time!

Think quickness not size

The velocity of the bat head is 2 times more important than the weight or size of the bat. I admit it sounds logical that the heavier the bat is the more power but when a scout critiques a hitter he is noting a player’s bat speed or whether he is swinging a 30-30 or 34-31. It’s been proven that a 1 mph increase in bat speed can result in 6-7 feet of distance in the traveling of a baseball.
So don’t be afraid to swing a lighter bat to gain
Understand pitching probabilities.
Majority of pitch counts will be a fast-ball count unless a pitcher’s best pitch is a typically secondary pitch like a slider or change.
0-0, 1-0, 2-0, 2-1, 3-1, 3-0, 3-2, are all generally fast-ball counts though it may vary according to the siutation. The point I am trying to make is that focusing on the fast-ball is your best bet in making sure you are ready for the pitch and are able to make adjustments to other pitches in his repertoire.

Reminder: I can guarantee you that you will have to sometimes deviate from this approach. Once you begin to see better pitching were pitchers can locate two to three different pitches- you will have to make a major adjustment which will be knowing what pitches the pitcher has been throwing for strikes in specific situations, and looking for those pitches whatever they may be.

Ask a friend to help you out with pitch location

Now some may think this is “bush” or it’s “cheating” while others say, “hey if you ain’t cheatin you ain’t tryin”
If you look closely, most catchers setup early to give their pitchers the best target. This means you have a chance to see where the pitch location is. I’m not talking about sneaking a peak to where the catcher’s set up is-that will get you hurt. Instead have a teammate on deck or a friend in the stands randomly yell out your last name or number when a pitcher sets up away or in.
If a catcher sets up in, chances are it’s a fastball. Away- either an off-speed or breaking pitch depending on the count.
Either way this will give you an incredible advantage if you do this right.
C’mon brooksie! Stay short= Fast ball in:)
Lets go 4! Hit it hard!= Something away:)
I hope these quick baseball hitting tips help! Don’t forget to check out our list of hitting drills!

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