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Simplify. Simplify. Simplify…Like Miguel Cabrera!

  If I could take a pill and wake-up to having one major leaguer’s hitting ability…it would be Miguel Cabrera’s. A couple of years ago, he won the Triple Crown. Hadn’t been done in over 50 years prior. Simply put. He’s amazing. What’s interesting about his approach to hitting though is that everything is simple.…

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Yadier Molina reveals his secret.

Yadier Molina reveals his hitting secret.

  Catching is one position that requires a ballplayer to make that their priority. A priority over any other baseball tool… …so when you see a catcher who can REALLY “swing the stick”…you should pay attention because he’s probably doing some things right at the plate that you can REALLY benefit from by paying close…

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Troy Tulowitzki shows off AMAZING "oppo" power!

Troy Tulowitzki shows off AMAZING “oppo” power!

  One of the things you should know about me is that I’m OBSESSED with teaching hitters how to master the art of hitting the ball the other way. Why? Because it refines their swing and allows them to adapt quickly to a higher level of pitching. The principles that allow players to understand how…

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Giancarlo Stanton home run bat speed swing analysis

Giancarlo (MIKE) Stanton’s KILLER swing break down.

  You can count on ONE hand, how many players in the WORLD who hit the ball, pound for pound, as hard as Mike Stanton. Seriously. He absolutely annihilates the baseball. Pure power. Pure strength. Pure bat-speed. As you know, all of this starts from the “ground up “. If you’re balanced within your swing, you’re…

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