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Destroy High Fast-Balls Like Yasiel Puig

  Okay so your regular season is wrapping up. You were either satisfied or unsatisfied with how it went… …no matter. It’s summer now and this is the PERFECT time to work on new things that will support you in becoming a more REFINED ballplayer. The question is, “are you going to put in the…

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Richard Todd Founder of WebBall Talks Baseball Philosophy

  I have something to admit. When I first started Art of Baseball Productions I was a little bit intimidated of other baseball websites like WebBall created by Richard Todd. There was already so much information out there. Good information even. What could I offer? With a little bit of patience and some luck –…

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How to get your player to listen to your hitting advice!

  ” Mark you gotta help me. My son doesn’t listen to me when I try to give him hitting advice. What should I do?” That is a question that I get a lot. Probably the most prevalent just behind, “ what size bat is best for my son?” and “should he be playing baseball…

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Steal David Ortiz's Balance, Rhythm and Power!

Steal David Ortiz’s Balance, Rhythm and Power!

  BIG PAPI can hit. We all know this. But did you know that he also shares a VERY similar characteristic in his approach to hitting with many Japanese born ballplayers? My theory is that both of their approaches to developing INCREDIBLE bat-speed at the plate starts from the ground up. Balance and Rhythm! That’s…

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