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Drive Balls Into The Gap w/ a Post-Stride Like Prince Fielder

  If there was one mechanical hitting tip that you could take from Detroit slugger Prince Fielder it should be this. You can develop incredible momentum and torque with your swing by knowing how to effectively shift your weight before you initiate your swing. Prince Fielder is a BIG boy and he knows how to…

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How to MASH the ball w/ An Old School Swing Like Anthony Rizzo

  There is something about an old school swing that seriously sparks my curiosity. First off, it’s so different than the conventional swings of today. There is very little movement and doesn’t exactly reflect and athletic position or at-least what we would consider an athletic position nowadays. But for from around the 30’s all the…

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How To Swing The Bat w/ Pure Instinct Like Bo Jackson

  There are handful of players that I would give almost anything to see compete on the ball field. Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Ty Cobb, Joe DiMaggio… …and Bo Jackson. Has there been anyone who demonstrated more power, explosion and natural athletic ability than Bo Jackson? I can’t think of one ballplayer. The…

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How to Play Baseball For the SIUe Cougars

  So the MLB all-star game is over. I know there are plenty of Yankee haters out there but what Mariano did was pretty cool. That’s how you play the game boys… We still have a couple more days until the comment contest is closed. Watch the “How to hit  a baseball with two strikes”…

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