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How to MASH the ball w/ An Old School Swing Like Anthony Rizzo


There is something about an old school swing that seriously sparks my curiosity. First off, it’s so different than the conventional swings of today. There is very little movement and doesn’t exactly reflect and athletic position or at-least what we would consider an athletic position nowadays.

But for from around the 30’s all the way to the last 50’s and early 60’s, hitter’s seemed to hit in this way.

Hands low. Feet square or closed off. A simple stride to the pitcher.

No leg-kick. No bat-wiggle. No nothing. Their swing was short and sweet.

This is why I LOVE Anthony Rizzo’s swing. It’s old-school. It kinda reminds me of Ted William’s swing without the slight hitch.

In this video you’ll learn a thing or two about where Rizzo is generating his bat-speed and how you can do the same.

Do me a favor and let me know what you liked most about the video as well as who you’d like to see next in the “How to hit a baseball” video series.

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