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Warstic Comment Contest Winner!


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Baseball Virtue #2

  Acceptance- To consider circumstances, especially those that can not be changed, as satisfactory. We are always presented with a choice to do two things when we put on a baseball uniform. To accept. Or to resist. When we accept the things we can’t control such as our physical make-up, our natural talent, stats, a bad…

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A.O.B Experts Live w/ Warstic Bat Company founder Ben Jenkins

  Many thanks to Ben Jenkins, founder of the Warstic Bat Company for sharing his story, passion and mission for providing the highest quality of wooden bats for baseball players who dream of becoming confident, talented and effective hitters! Don’t forget to lookout for the question of the day! We are giving away one FREE…

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Baseball Virtue #1

  Ambition – Having a strong desire for success or achievement. A baseball player is only as good as his level of desire to be better. Talent can only take you so far. Knowing the right people can only serve as a temporary asset. Having “experience” will only serve to the extent as to which…

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