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Question of the day

What is the biggest adjustment that you need to make during this off season to become a better hitter?

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    • Sebbe Larsen

      Lots of hitting off a “T” to make sure my swing doesn’t change and to improve on my timing.

    • Labellemom2000

      Practice practice and more practice

    • Matt

      to make sure my son gets to the cage and hits, hits, hits, hits, hits, and hits some more.  If he is confident in his swing and abilities, he can hit the cover off of the ball.

    • Tw9595

      The biggest adjustment my son needds to make is getting his hands forward and getting ahead of the ball more consistently.

    • Jgray21

      Staying back for those curves and shooting em oppo

    • Losfranco1

      Making sure my son doesn’t overthink his swing and to just trust his swing. Reinforcing

      sound mechanics and a good mental approach.

    • Ethan

      Stay inside the baseball and using top hand extension. Working more and more mental game to stay steady in all situations.

    • Niko

      My biggest adjustment will be dealing with an over bearing coach who feels he needs to change my swing not to improve it, but to change it for the sake of change.  I learned from my hitting coach’s philosophy that some adjustments to your swing may take a thousand swings to hone that adjustment.  My success and exposure to colleges are based upon my ability to hit for power to all fields and my high school coach wants to adjust my swing.  How do you deal with that?

    • dj789

      dealing with the everyday pressure of being a baseball player from the crowd and people around you to your mechanics and man in the mirror.

    • J 12

      My biggest adjustment this year, will be playing this great game for what it is meant to be fun. I have never had trouble with games they have always been easy to have fun. However, I have had my moments in the gym or at practices, it started to feel like that was all I was doing, school and  baseball. Don’t get me wrong the pay off is that I am looking at many D-1 programs and will have to decide where I may go. I have put alot of pressure on myself, to always be my very best. What I have come to realize is that pressure is man made, you can only come prepaired and do your best. I am not doing it for fame or glory but rather the love of the game. Yes, Love does take sacrafice but it should be done with a smile and that is what you guys do everyday love the game. Well keep smiling and I will to. I plan on this year to be my best yet, I hope yours is too,keep up the fine work. My Biggest adjustment is keep it simple,work, smile and get a good ball to hit and have fun the way Abner intended. I would love to give the ball a ride with your Black Hawk, seems to be a fine looking bat.

      Bless your Day,

      Believe in his name    John 1:12

    • Dannyangel21

      Perseverance is what makes or breaks you. Having a right attitude and mentality for both my offense and Defense. Giving everything 110%. If i have a bad bp session move on forget about it and focus on my fielding because whats done is done. Tomorrow is another opportunity. I feel implementing this mentality will make me a better Player

    • Kehlinswain

      The greatest adjustment for a hitter is to work on hip flexibility and quickness. The greater torque the hitter can produce with their hips and have a good control over their swing the better he will be.

    • Franklyn Castillo

      I am a Catcher not the best but i know i can be the greatest. I believe that i need to work on my throw down to second. And i have been working on it since the end of my 2012 high school season in June. I need to work on correctly placing my feet on the transfer and keep my body low and with the work outs and the conditioning i’ve been having i know i will achieve my goals.

    • Ryanlambert 39

      I personally have to work on keeping my hands back and not dragging the bat barrel through the zone. This will hopefully keep my swing short and hands quick. I would also like to keep my stride short. thanks guys.
      good luck with everything you both have going on. both the website and the bats look great keep up the good work

    • Anthony Byrd-moore

       my adjustment is to stretch more and try yoga because it allows for more flexibility which allows more power and the ability to adjust to the pitch oh and defiantly some cardio, and just being able to clear the mind and start fresh for next season

    • Isaiahmsingletary

      Elevate yout confidence level to where any pitching becomes hittable. Also defining your swing and making it consistent. Albert Pujols in his prime is a good example.

    • michael

      my biggest adjustmen would be to try to stick to a regimented strength program so that i can hit with more power.

    • Gabriel

      Confidence at the plate. Forget last season’s struggles. What’s done is done. Turn the page and look to next season, a fresh start.

      • Mark Brooks

        Fantastic point Gabriel. You can’t live in the past and swing in the present. BOOM!

    • Luke

      Pitch recognition and mental toughness together. Identifying what pitch is being thrown and making the mental adjustment to lay off if need be or the right way to handle the pitch to drive the ball to all fields with backspin is what I am working on

    • del pittman

      Mental work takes priority in order to have recycling self-talk ingrained in the subconscious by spring training.

    • Noah

      Curve balls are a nemesis. So I am working on Vision training, I want to pick up the release point sooner and also be able to predict the type of pitch that is coming my way. So I can crush it!

      • Mark Brooks

        That a boy Noah! Keep me posted, I wanna hear when you start driving the secondary pitches!!!!!

    • Mfrausto2

      Working on the quickness of your hands.. the quicker your hands the better you hit. Miguel Cabrera is a good example.

    • Robert

      Fine tune all the little adjustments & be confident at the plate. (My son’s answer)

    • Hec...

      Take Quality at bats in the cages vs Quantity. Mental preparation. A well rounded Strength and Conditioning program is a must to stay ahead of the competition. Lastly eat healthy with a good night sleep. 

    • Jerm5412

      I need to work on being quicker to the ball and leading with the knob of the bat. I tend to roll over sometimes. I also need to see the pitch coming in better too.

    • Francisco

      To primarily make the mentally adjustment to know I can be
      the hitter I want to be and thusly meld the natural parts of my swing with a
      strong physical and mental foundation created from education and mental as well
      as physical repetition. 

    • Coug

      to become a better Hitter you need more at bats..  to be more consistent  you need to shorten up on 3rd strike pitches. remember sometimes less is more… ( CHOKE&POKE) Every Big League Hitter that is HOT at the Bat right will tell ya…. They are Seeing the ball really good right now… That’s it PERIOD !!!…. Seeing the Ball…… eyes and Hands..

    • Roadracer510

      I need to be more aggressive at the plate and to watch the pitcher before my at bats to see how he is pitching to my teammates.

    • Thomasluce68

      Hip strengthening and hip stretches

    • DRas

      I need to be physically prepared earlier in the pitch delivery.

    • Tony S

      Work on having the hands and hips hitting the ball together, and keeping the head down behind the ball. But more importantly I love to work on baseball so as long as I’m doing what I love to do I’ll get better each time out. 

    • Jreid

      Keeping head still

    • Jed

      keep weight on back leg and pull bat though not loop off shoulder…

    • Jeremy Belknap

      The biggest adjust I need to make this off season is to keep my hands in and head down. I tend to reach for balls outside and I tend to look up before I make contact with the ball. I’ve been working one on one with my coach to make these adjustments. I’m looking forward to keeping my hands in and head down to generate more power and drive the ball.

    • Paddy P_

      need to work oh bombs with a sweet bat like the Warstic bat 

    • SamMaciel

      The biggest adjustment you can make is to recognize pitches as soon as possible, what that means is recognizing where the ump’s strike zone is at as well as how the pitcher is pitching inside and out down and up. the pitcher will always have an advantage over the hitter. when the hitter is one step ahead of the pitcher i guarentee you will see some balls fly.

    • Calvin

      Follow all The tips that the Art of Baseball has to offer. Have Ambition! Enjoy The game ! And Awaken that inner beast talent of yours!

    • Playballtx

      Don’t drop the hands!

    • Yash

      First, I need to better my eyesight. Second, I need to learn how to anticipate what pitch will be thrown in different situations. And third, I need to keep my eyes on the ball…AT ALL TIMES

    • Pastor

      I love the look of the Warstic bat!  I need to work on getting my timing down and the hands through the zone in a quicker manner.  Maybe I should just change my bat!  🙂 

    • whidbeysnave

      use core more effectively

    • Corzo2424

      Adujusting the location of your hands through the zone according the the location of the pitch.

    • Gbombers

      Using my legs to drive the ball.

    • Rafael Lopez

      Put in more work ,and remember you cant hit what you can’t see ,trying to get my strength up ..

    • Jon Chapuis

      Use Warstic bats exclusively.

    • Wilso8b1

      vision training. “see the ball, hit the ball”

      • Mark Brooks

        Yup! You can’t hit what you can’t see! Vision training is definitely  important! Not sure why more baseball programs don’t use vision training. 

    • Charlie

      Using my legs to drive the ball to all fields.

    • Nursem

      Buy a warstic and join the Hitting Machine Academy, today!

    • Chris McMullin

      Focus on the hands through the Zone!

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