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    • Noah & Hector

      WOW, Thanks from Noah and Hector to Mark and Warstic!
      Sorry for the late review.
      We received the bat within 2 weeks of winning the contest. The bat was exactly the one Noah wanted. His name is inscribed in on it and it looks great!

      Now to the Nitty Gritty, We used it during 3 sessions in the cages, the bat is very well balanced. The sound it just like those that you hear during a game on TV or live for that matter. We usually put tape on the wood bats to make them last longer, but this bat is waayyyy to nice to mess it up with tape. It is weird to say that the ball jumps off a wood bat, but it really does.

      We will be in a wood bat tourney this up coming season and that is the bat that has been chosen by Noah.

      Once again we would like to THANK Mark and Warstic!

      Noah and Hector

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