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12 tips for running the base-paths the right way

A hit is a hit is a hit is a hit. If you get on base, you’re increasing the chances for your team to score. Right? Well not necessarily.  If you are a joke on the base-paths, you are doing a disservice to your team. You’re nothing more than a base-path clog in the drain…

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Baseball Slang: Speak like a big league hitter!

A part of what makes baseball so beautiful is the inner language that the faternity that we call “our national’s past-time” Over the course of  a few generations, the inner life of baseball has cultiavted a new language of eccentric, mysterious, and sometimes ironic terms that explains the inner working of a particular game. I…

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Baseball Quote of the week: Its about the power hitters!

I have observed that baseball is not unlike war, and when you get right down to it, we batters are the heavy artillery.  ~Ty Cobb  

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A great hitter’s approach: Think gap to gap

  Want to be a great hitter? One that is infamous for hitting for power, average,in key situations, and is constantly locked in with a high slugging %? Take a hitting approach that focuses on gap to gap. A good pitcher will have atleast two really good pitches that he can consistently throw for strikes.…

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