Hey everyone. I have another Art of Baseball QnA for you guys today.

As you know…I ‘m a HUGE advocate of goal setting for ballplayers. If you don’t set them how do you expect to know what steps to take to achieve them?

But at the end of the day, there is an art and strategy to setting goals that not only keep you on track but position your ind-set in a way that allows you to take on a leadership role in a baseball program, establish boundaries within yourself that allow you to develop your baseball skills without the common distractions that most players face today.

In this video, I dish out some advice on keeping your baseball goals close to your chest so that you’re spending less time talking about them and more time on taking MASSIVE action that gets you results whether it’s leading the league in hits, increasing your bat speed or simple developing into a more confident baseball player.

Enjoy the video!


What are your thoughts?

What baseball goals have you set this year? What have you yet to accomplish on the field and off? Share your baseball goals in the comment section below.

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