What’s your baseball DESTINY?

That’s a hard question to answer if you don’t have a specific reason why you play the game of baseball.

Sure it’ll be different from for everyone but what is it?

To become a leader? To overcome your fears? To make friends and impress people?

For the challenge?

We alllllll have a destiny. For some it involves teaching (like myself). For others it’s to play in the BIG LEAGUES, break records and achieve fame and fortune.

Whatever the destiny – the purpose of it all lies within, I think you would agree.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you think your MAIN purpose is as a ballplayer as well as what you think your destiny in when you put on that uniform and step out on that field.

The reason why I ask these question is because knowing the answer will better equip you in establishing a positive attitude which as you know comes at a premium for ballplayers.

It will help you to be able to keep your head up and DREAM BIG!!

What are your thoughts?

What’s your baseball destiny? Let me know below!

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