I know without a doubt that realizing your full potential as a baseball player, parent, or coach begins with your values as they apply to your own abilities in baseball.

Let’s just call them “Baseball Values”.

Your “Baseball Values” are expressed in your words and actions!

You can tell what your “Baseball Values” are by looking at what you do and the things that you say in regards to how you respond to the world around you.

Your “Baseball Values” are the root causes of your motivations and behaviors.

So for example, the values you may choose as a baseball player or parent may be patience, work ethic, discipline, or mental toughness.

Personally, my primary value is realizing my full potential…….

See, I believe each person has the potential to do something wonderful in his or her life.

I believe that within each baseball player…there is a future hall of famer or all-star waiting to be let loose.

I believe this with all of my heart and soul that it is oooozing out of my pours and controls the way I behave. Just ask my friends and they’ll tell you. I’m compulsively optimistic and I never complain!!

If you have ever replied to one of my emails you’ve probably took notice. If you haven’t emailed me…..what are you waiting for!!!!

I believe each baseball player is capable of doing much more than they have done before or what they believe they are presently capable of doing when they learn how to adopt there own values.

Thats my value……

What is yours?

Tell me in the comment box at the website!!


    5 replies to "Weekend Baseball Advice"

    • Art of Baseball

      Glad to have you a part of the team!!! Sorry about Boston this year:(

    • Art of Baseball

      Great Mike! Good luck!

    • Mr.Fenway

      Great post Mark! I joined the Hitting Machine Academy already! It’s really helping!

    • Chofu4444

       Mine is dedication……….!

    • Mike K90

      My values as a baseball parent is to give my all to my kis and make sure he has the best chance of playing at the next level!

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