What should I do if my player lacks motivation?

I get that question a lot…here is my response.

Have you ever felt a connection or an affinity with a baseball player you looked up to?

Maybe you found out that both of you are from the same home-town, share the same favorite flavor of ice-cream, or both played little league at the same park.

Studies have shown that when an individual has made a perceived connection with someone who is doing something that they’d like to do as well, it increases their level of motivation and work ethic by 62 %.

There is a reason why pioneers and trailblazers are so valuable to society. They provide us with proof that seemingly impossible things can be done and more importantly, give us permission to allow our “strongest selves” to shine through.

There is something to be said to having baseball role models that serve as sign posts for what can be accomplished.

They are the reference points for our goals and as we shoot for the moon, we may miss but we will land among the stars.

Okay, okay…I know I’m starting to sound a bit hokey but here’s the truth.

If you aim for the mud, you’ll probably land in it.

Avoid selling yourself short by modeling after those that you admire and have accomplished great things as ball players.

It’s way more valuable than what you’ve been taught. Pick one player and run with it.

You can learn more about it in this video.

What are your thoughts?

Do you have a baseball role model? Please let me know in the comment section below. I’d love to hear who they are!

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