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Todd Blyleven & SKLZ on youth baseball


How cool is it to skip a year of school to follow your big league dad and be a bat boy for a major league team?

Very cool!

We’ve all hearĀ about theĀ importance of playing hard and playing smart. About having a plan to become a better ball player. Well I don’t know about you but I never get sick of hearing these kinds of baseball tips!

I got a chance to sit down with Todd Blylevn from SKLZ to talk about:

  • Who is a really good baseball player for young players to emulate
  • Why some baseball parents need to take a CHILL PILL
  • and how SKLZ baseball products are helping kids with their game

Come join in on the baseball convo!

Leave a comment if we hit on something that you agree with. Heck even if you disagree I’d love to hear from ya!

When you’re a parent teaching your youth player, get him out there and have a blast. If he’s not surrounded by good coaches and positive people teaching him to love the game of baseball then remove him!

-Todd Blyleven

Who is one baseball player in the major leagues that you love watching on t.v? Tell us who and why in the comments box below!

Todd Blyleven’s Guide to Spring Training

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