The inside fast-ball is a challenge for most players. The main reason is because most hitters haven’t fully grasped correct point of contact concepts. They haven’t become familiar with where they should hit the ball in relation to the location of the pitch and the plate.

Here is a 30 second baseball concept that you can experiment with in your next batting practice session while working on hitting the inside fast-ball more consistently.

“Use your instincts to hit inside the ball”

Your hands are much faster than you think. Master the art of “ATTACKING THE GOLDEN NUGGET”. Place a ball on a Tee with the ball set-up to show three sections.

The inner side of the baseball – Green

The middle – Yellow

The outer half – Red

Attack the GREEN and Avoid the RED.

Attacking the inner half of the baseball is probably the quickest and most simple adjustment that a hitter could make if his problem is rolling over and hitting weak ground balls or is getting jammed on pitches middle in that he should be driving to the gap.

Try this simple mental concept in your next batting practice session and let me know how it goes.

Let me know!

What hitting drills have you been working on lately? I’d love to hear from you.

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