What can I say? After going on a massive campaign of gathering some of the most brilliant baseball tips given by various baseball experts and innovative thinkers I’ve come to realize there is definitely no shortage of good baseball tips that can help young baseball players around the world become better ball players.

Which is what we’re going to do today!

The creator of the Insider Bat, Steve Windsor is joining us today to share with you how you can dramatically cut the learning curve of attacking the inner half of the baseball, master the top hand bottom hand routine and instantly increase your productivity during your batting practice sessions.


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    16 replies to "Staying Inside the Ball & Top Hand Bottom Hand w/ Steve Windsor Creator of the Insider Bat"

    • Jayme Garces

      I should receive this insider bat because i want to improve my swing because i want to play high school ball as a first baseman and i need to be able to drive in the RBIs because as you know being a first baseman requires being able to hit for power and for contact as well. I can hit the outer pitches but i struggle with the inner half and top half and i think the insider bat will help me get rid of this problem. I also know any tip you give really works, ESPECIALLY the stride one.

    • yashtrvd04

      I am a player who is looking to play some college ball in the coming fall and beyond and I think the Insider Bat can help me improve my hitting game even further when I am training throughout this spring and summer

    • Kenny

      Great tips Mark and Steve!!!! I never used an insider before. This product seem to be an awesome tool in the game of baseball. Not only will you learn how to hit an inside pitch, with this product you’ll learn how to master in trusting your hands and driving the baseball to the opposite field. Being able to master driving the baseball to the opposite field will give a hitter more confidence at the plate to drive the baseball to all parts of the field. Owning an insider will be a great tool to have to even work on the small things on how to hit a baseball. Having your hands in the correct position to doing plam up, plam down one handed swings hitting drills would be a great way to improve your hitting skills. Thanks Mark and Steve for sharing an awesome product on how to improve your baseball hitting skills. Keep up the great work guys!!!

    • joshua lands

      i struggle on the inside part of the plate i would love to give one of these a go but also i coach i little league team where i think it would come in very handy in the childrens development even if i dont get this prize ill be looking in to purchasing one

    • Chris Kohlwes

      Managing a club in Germany provides extreme challenges. Clubs provide access to baseball at all levels from youth to adult. Our coaches are a mix of current and retired players plus ex-pats. So communication of skills to players is mixed and often contradictory. A tool like the Insider Bat that provides instant, non-verbal feedback to a player would be invaluable to our club, for all levels of play.

    • Don Booth

      My youngest grandsons met the Insider Bat at a pre-season clinic their 11u team attended, but they still have a tendency to let the bat head get in front of their swing. Their big brother/cousin is a strong hitter and I’m hoping this will help him increase his consistency. Personally, I’m a 60+ player in a local Roy Hobbs league who has always turned over my wrists. My brain believes it’s time to make the change, but my body needs convincing. For us, this is a multi-generational experience!

    • Jeff Dowdle

      I have a 10 year old and 8 year old and they continue to struggle with proper grip and hand position . This looks like a great tool

    • Rick Byrd

      The Insider Bat would be great for my 11 year old son. He has been having trouble with casting the barrel of the bat too soon this season. I know this training tool would greatly help him to stay inside the ball and start hitting line drives. It would also help him shorten thus quicken his swing.

      I also don’t want to forget my daughter. She is 8 and could also benefit from this tool for her swing.

      Great interview. Interesting how the Insider Bat was developed. That is entrepreneurship at its best.

      • Art of Baseball

        “That is entrepreneurship at its best.” Totally agree w/ that statement.

        Thanks for posting Rick. It’s nice to hear that you’re so involved with your children’s athletic careers…

    • Cam Miller

      The Insider Bat would help me tremendously in my pursuit of being moved up to my varsity team (that took second place in the 2012 IHSA playoffs) as a sophmore. The Insider Bat will hopefully help me develop a quick and compact stroke that will be able to hit the more advanced hitting at the higher level and help my team make another deep playoff run.

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