Have you ever heard the saying that “the guy on top of the mountain didn’t fall there”?

It paints an accurate picture of a truth about hitting that has stood the test of time.

To be the best, to be on top, takes a strategy and the courage to journey and overcome challenges that guide you to where you want to be.

Being a hitter is a journey.

Becoming a good hitter is an adventure that takes time and sacrifice.

This is one of the many lessons I strive to impart on the hitters I work with everyday.

Another one is the ability to stand in the batter’s box while feeling and being un-stifled.

To be free. To play this game with a certain level of trust that allows us to tap into our true potential. When we are hesitant, stuck in our head, we become victims of “paralysis by analysis”. It happens to the best of us.

In this swing analysis video, I’ll break down Hunter Pence and how he plays the game with this level of certainty because isn’t that what we want?

We play this game to achieve certainty. Certain that we are capable. Certain that we can perform and live up to societal expectations. This can be a good and bad thing but we’ll save that topic for another day.

Watch this video with Hunter Pence & leave a comment to tell me how you are going to play this game more freely. I want to hear your thoughts.


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What did you think of this video?

What do you think of Hunter Pence’s approach to hitting a baseball? What was your biggest take away in this Art of Baseball swing analysis video? Let me know in the comment section below! Who swing would you like to see next? You know the drill!

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