Ever wonder how some players seem to make playing baseball so easy?!

They play with such a level of finesse, confidence, and poise that it’s hard to imagine that they weren’t born with these incredible abilities as a baseball player.

Well don’t worry! Both Tom Hanson and I have got you covered!

Everything from breathing techniques, tapping, and yes….successterbation! You’ll see!

If you’re looking for baseball confidence then your search is over!

Tom’s Links

Play Big!

Effortless Power Hitting!

Yips Be gone!

REMINDER: Watch the video and tell me:

1. What is your biggest mental baseball obstacle!
2. What are you going to do about it!

The winner will recieve a FREE copy of The Way of Baseball by Shawn Green

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    • […] post was inspired by the previous interview with Tom Hanson on the mental aspect of baseball. One of the things that he said that really hit home for me and the Art of Baseball community as […]

    • Phil R.

      Hey Mark, nice work, really enjoyed the interview. Really cool you got Tom on board. Our HS coach gave us each a copy of his book “Headsup Baseball” back in the day. It was my first real introduction to the mental game and changed the way I approached pitching. Helped me a ton when I really needed it took it with me when I moved on to pitch in college and the pros.


      thoroughly enjoyed this interview! great discussion points. this is great for the baseball community! great work AOB!

    • Juan

      Helping my two boys reach their max potential in baseball which I hope will carry into their adult lives, if a scholarship sprouts from their efforts then great but ultimately want them to embed the feeling maintaining a positive attitude regardless of the situation. I intend on helping them carry that promise by keeping them happy, supporting them relentlessly and continue to use useful resource such as your interesting articles. Juan.Alvarez11@ymail.com

      • Art of Baseball

        Awesome Juan! Keep up the good work and please let me know if there is ever anything I can do for you or your boys!

        • Juan

          An article that directly speaks to my son, his name is Anthony Alvarez, you and Tom Hanson touched on his fear of getting beamed. The kid loves the sport, he wakes up and watches Quick Pitch on the MLB network and goes to bed in his customized Dodger room I spent weeks hand painting on the weekends. His older brother Johnny and I try to push Anthony as baseball humbles a person big time but hasn’t learned to accept that errors happen. This year Anthony was moved up to play with 11 year olds (mostly because I help coach and wanted them to share memories of playing together as kids) 
          https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4465849084175&set=a.4465842964022.2185696.1228216856&type=3&theater – I know he can hang but he punishes himself for not living up to expectations, or doesn’t have the mental stamina to maintain a positive attitude for 6 innings. It’s a tricky things to teach I guess, thanks for everything. 🙂

    • Zacharymorris42

      A backwards K. I hate them and sometimes they make me discouraged but im going to tap, keep good posture, keep my head up, be a leader on the field to my other teammates to let them know this wont get in my way of winning and making other menatal mistakes.  

      • Art of Baseball

        Backward k’s are the WORST Zachary!!!! I did more visualization earlier in my career but now I’m going to experiment with tapping as well!

        Thanks for commenting!!!

    • Siegefan

      Biggest obstacle in baseball? … I guess, it may sound fairly simple and complicated at the sametime… ‘dealing with adversity’, without doubt.

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